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Penetrating Damp Surveys and Treatment

What causes Penetrating Damp? Penetrating damp is often a associated with older buildings and ones that have solid walls, penetrating damp is the another common form of damp found in buildings. Penetrating damp often occurs due to water ingress through often what are the tiniest cracks in the structure of the building. Often the damp is caused by wear and tear on the brickworks pointing or it has become damaged, other common causes of penetrating damp are, leaking roofs, gutters, downpipes, windows and doors not being sealed correctly. Usually penetrating damp will reveals itself through damp patches on walls, ceilings or floors, particularly when it rains, when discovered it is very important to take immediate action to minimise further damage.

How is Penetrating Damp treated?

South West Wall Coatings (SWWC) use different methods to remove penetrating damp dependent on the severity of the situation and the amount of time the penetrating damp has had to take hold. The methods we use vary from the application of sealants or the use of membranes or a combination of both to ensure that when we leave, your penetrating damp leaves with us. The process is a simple one, initially we will eliminate the source of the moisture that is causing the penetrating damp, and prevents the damp reoccurring. Then we repair or replace any damaged walls, mortar, timbers that may have wet rot or been spoiled by the penetrating damp, or plaster that is preventing water moisture from escaping. SWWC will conduct a detailed survey of the property and report the findings with recommendations for the treatment of penetrating damp and dependent on which method is used all our treatments come with up to 30 Years insurance backed guarantees.

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