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Wet Rot Surveys and Wet Rot Treatments

What is Wet Rot? Wet Rot and Dry Rot are both types of fungal infection and whilst Wet Rot is far simpler to eradicate it is generally more common, however, it can cause severe damage within a building. The Wet rot when discovered needs to be treated as soon as possible and will almost certainly if left unchecked, it will continue to reduce the strength of the timbers leading to possible structural damage. The wet rot spores germinate in areas that are either very damp or even wet and have a regular source of moisture. The most common sources of moisture are gutters, downpipes , defective plumbing, failed brickwork or pointing.

We remove Wet Rot and guarantee our work

The first and most important stage of the process is to locate and eliminate the source of the ingress of water as wet rot spores cannot germinate on dry timber. Once the source has been repaired the timber infected with the wet rot can be repaired or if necessary replaced, dependent on the length of time the wet rot has been allowed to penetrate the timbers. The final stage is to apply a fungicidal treatment to timbers in the surrounding areas to remove any possibility of the wet rot returning. All our treatments come with insurance backed guarantees of up to 20 years so you can be assured, when we leave so do your wet rot problems.

So if you have any further questions speak to our Wet Rot specialist or if you would simply like to book an appointment for a survey please call we are always happy to help.

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